Welcome! Welcome one and all!

Welcome! Welcome one and all!


Hey guys!

So here is a link to my sound cloud where I will be previewing my upcoming EP!

This post is a response to an assignment I have for class and it’s also awesome because I get to give everyone a way to stay updated with me for my upcoming EP!

The following link : http://bit.ly/Zfp9UM

is a link to my sound cloud!

Now you may be wondering….. why is that link so small?????

We because I’m using Bitly, which is  url shortener!

Thanks guys for reading and following my Soundcloud!


This is how I feel inside every time someone likes and follows my Soundcloud 🙂


We Have No Idea What We’re Doing!!!


On a daily basis I feel like I see these are my parents.

As soon as I walked in the door my dad comes to me about how iCloud on his iPad told him that his memory was low but that he didn’t have much stuff on his iPad. The photo itself  reminds me of my dad so much that I thought it was him.

I think it’s funny and although it doesn’t pertain to my blog very much, It explains how I feel right now. I am my parents tech support. As annoying as it it sometimes I commend them for really trying and embracing technology.

Every time my dad sits at his desk he has his nose ever so slightly pointed the sky and his glasses barely on his nose.

The other dog on the couch reminds me of my mother, not caring for what’s being done on the computer, most likely watching t.v.

It’s cute. YEAH I said it, it’s adorable! lol

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do!

Creative Commons is all the RAGE


source :http://images.google.com/images?as_q=Guitar&tbm=isch&tbs=sur:fmc&biw=1024&bih=672&sei=twNhUciYBrfG4AOcw4HYBg#biv=i%7C294%3Bd%7CViyeuhouHGbP3M%3A

For this assignment I was asked to find a photo that relates to my blog. This photo needed to come from a Creative Commons search engine. Now, in a nutshell a Creative Commons product or art or what have you, essentially mean that the owner allows anyone to use their work to create new works. In a copyright that would be possible. You would have to pay to copy this piece of work , whereas in a Creative Commons so long as you follow a checklist in the usage of the work you’re in the clear.
In terms of my photo which is shown above, which is a photo of Jimi Hendrix, it relates to my blog because I’ve centered my blog around music. Original music. Jimi Hendrix is one of my Idols and it just so happened that I was listening to “Bold a Love” as I was reading the assignment.
The checklist I followed is very simple and it is because of the checklist , why I’m able to use this photo.

User owns lawfully purchased or acquired copy of original work- Check!
No significant effect on the market or potential market for copyrighted work-Czech!
Published work- Chiggity Check!

These are in favor of fair use and therefore allow me to use the photo above on my blog.
Thank You All!

Pimp me OUT!

Hello everyone!

So this time around I’m going to ask for a little participation from you guys! As part of an assignment for a class i’m taking, I am here to tell you all how you can help promote my blog! I’m not totally down with having to tell my followers to promote this blog; to be honest if you like my blog I would only hope you would share it with others out of the kindess of your hearts 🙂

But even still, help your fellow member of mankind! Given that you enjoy my blog, I would be forever grateful if you would share it with your peers via Facebook. All your friends and enemies are on there , why not share something positive? Post a link to my blog or maybe just even a post!

How is this benefiting me? Well if you follow my blog, according to my last post it states to stay tuned on this blog because I am currently working on an EP and working on releasing it late spring/summer! My goal is to share my music with as many people as possible.I plan on posting some behind the scenes stuff and hopefully interact with you guys!

This blog is becoming more a part of my personal space than my Facebook.

If there’s anything I can do to help you all, please let me know 🙂
Thank you 🙂



p.s Stay tuned for the new EP coming to you late spring/summer!

A track, “In a Moments Time'” from my last EP called “The Romance EP”

This is one of my favorite tracks off of my last EP that I recorded last spring. It was fun to produce and record. The gentleman on the drums is a bud of mine who goes to Berklee College of Music in Boston. He’s an amazing percussionist and an awesome guy.

Used a rig of several Samson mics to my Alesis mixer, straight into my macbook pro to record the drums. And then layered the other instruments and vocals. Leave me some feedback and comments! They are much appreciated! Stay tuned this spring/summer for my upcoming EP!



This is a video of Jason Silva on Singularity! it’s inspiring and easy to take in. Give it a Watch!
How will everything change??!?!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqq593DiWdA&w=640&h=360%5D

Blog Tour Screen Cast!


Above, is a link to the screencast of a tour of the BBCIceCream Blog. The process of creating this screen cast was fairly easy. The application was easy to install and creating the account wasn’t a hassel. What ended taking up a good bulk of the time was the actual picking up a blog. I tend to follow techblogs but this time I decided to go a different route and toured the BBCIceCream blog. The application auto-selected to audio input as my internal mic and I was ready to go. I tried my hardest to not make the tour very longwinded or have awkward pauses. With that being said, it took me a few takes 😛 After about the third try I was satisfied with my screencast.

I was a little disappointed as per the amount of lag but it’s a free service and you can’t complain about free! The uploading process took about a few minutes to send to the jing server and I’m happy with results. I really think I’ll use Jing for future projects!

Enjoy the Screencast!


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